Important Maintenance Protocols for Wood Shingles on Residential Properties

A lot of homeowners are starting to put wood shingles on their roofs because this material is very durable and provides great insulation. If you've just had these shingles installed on your home's roof, here are some maintenance protocols that can protect this investment.  Continue to Remove Debris If debris ever has the chance to collect on your roof where there are wood shingles, then you want to remove them. Otherwise, what's probably going to happen is the debris allows moisture to develop and that can cause damage to wood shingles. Read More 

4 Causes Of Roof Damage And When To Call A Roofing Company

You probably know that a sturdy roof is your best chance at keeping your home safe from harsh elements. However, no roof lasts forever. This is especially true when external forces come into play. If you are concerned about the potential need for emergency roof repair or replacement down the road, it might help to familiarize yourself with common culprits of roof damage. That way, you can seek prompt roof repair to minimize the need for premature replacement. Read More 

Want To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Roof? Four Tips You Must Learn

Your roof is an invaluable investment. Homeowners spend a lot of money to have a roof over their heads. With a functional roof, you'll enjoy protection from the sun, the strong winds, and other harsh weather elements. With such a crucial role to play, you would want your roof to last long.  Without proper maintenance, asphalt shingles do not last for long. The shingles will begin to dry out or fall off within a few years. Read More 

5 Things to Know About Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing Material

Want to replace your roof with cedar shake material, but don't want all of the problems that come with using real wood? Synthetic cedar shake material may be the solution to your problem. Here is what you should know about this synthetic material before you decide to get it. What Are Synthetic Cedar Shakes? The synthetic variation of cedar shake roofing material is made out of a composite material that will replicate the look of actual wood, such as rubber or recycled plastic. Read More 

An Overview Of The Commercial Roof Replacement Process When You’re Getting A Membrane Roof

If your old membrane roof is covered with repair patches and is looking old and worn out, it's time to consider getting a commercial roof replacement. You should find out what type of membrane roof you have now if you don't already know. You might want to switch to a different type of roofing after discussing it with a commercial roofer—such as Hurricane Roofer. Here's an overview of a commercial roof replacement when you're getting a new roof. Read More