Roof Wear and Tear

What do new homeowners need to know about roofing wear? The signs of wear are obvious—but you're not sure what, if anything, you need to do next. If this is your first experience owning a home or with residential roofing contractors, take a look at the top wear-related questions answered. Do Roofs Wear Out Over Time? Like every other part of a new-to-you (but older) home, the roof will age and wear over the course of the structure's lifetime. Read More 

Why Protect Your Gutters With Gutter Guards?

Gutters are good at evacuating water, but they can get clogged with leaves and other debris and sometimes overflow, causing problems with the foundation or structure of the house. It may cause serious damage, so it is necessary to protect the gutters with a gutter guard—one of the best ways to protect your gutter from problems is to install a gutter guard on top of the gutter to prevent dirt buildup and clogging your drain system. Read More 

Recently Experienced A Summer Storm? Here Are Common Commercial Roof Damages To Watch Out For

If you have recently received a summer storm, the chances are that your roof has experienced some damage. Roofs are designed to withstand inclement weather, but hail and strong winds associated with some storms can be too strong to handle. While your commercial roof may look okay from a distance, a professional roof inspection is necessary to determine whether underlying problems need to be resolved. Here are some of the common damages to watch out for. Read More 

Four Environmental Factors That Should Inform Your Choice Of Asphalt Shingles For Residential Roofing

Environmental factors play a key role in determining the performance of residential roofing systems. Since a roof is always exposed to the elements, its durability depends on its resilience to the weather in your area. Therefore, before installing a shingle roof, it's crucial to assess the factors that may negatively affect the roof. This will help you choose the right shingles for excellent performance. With this in mind, here are four environmental factors to consider when choosing shingles for residential roofing. Read More 

Why PVC Roofing Installation Is Ideal for Commercial Roofs

PVC roofing covers numerous commercial buildings in the United States, so there's no doubt about its sustained popularity. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a synthetic roofing material that is widely used in commercial buildings. PVC roofs are widespread in business settings such as industrial parks since they are exceedingly robust and weather resistant. For company owners searching for a new roof, PVC's low cost might be a benefit. There are various reasons for PVC roofing installation on your business premises: Read More