5 Mistakes That Lead To Roof Damage

Roof damage is a worry for most homeowners. Not only is there the expense of repairs, but a damaged roof can also lead to water leaks that affect other parts of your home. You can help mitigate roofing concerns by avoiding some common mistakes that can cause major damage to the roof. 1. Basketball Hoop Location A driveway basketball hoop is a nice addition unless it damages the roof. Hoops attached to the gable end of the roof can cause damage from the weight of the hoop and repeated hits from the ball. Read More 

Benefits Of Investing In A New Roof

Installing a new roof isn't an expense but an investment. So, if your current roof is past its prime, don't think twice about replacing it. Getting a new roof will increase your home's value in many ways. Besides, there are many benefits associated with installing a new roof. So, explore some of these perks below. Attract Potential Buyers People resell their homes for various reasons. Maybe you want to fund another project or are relocating to a new home. Read More 

Storm Damage Roof Repairs Your Roofer Might Need To Do So Your Roof Won’t Start Leaking

Being in a bad storm is frightening, but the worst part of the experience could be when the storm passes and you get a look at the damage to your home. Strong wind, flying debris, and hail can damage your siding, gutters, windows, and roof. The first step is to contact your insurance agent and get advice on what to do. If a tree limb crashed through your roof, you'll want immediate help. Read More 

Why The Festive Season Is The Perfect Time For Exterior Siding Installation

Even though festive holidays are for family, food, and fun, they're also a great opportunity to update your home. One home project that many homeowners delay is siding installation. They put it off because of the time and expense involved with the project. Luckily, you can squeeze in this exterior home renovation project before the year ends. Read along to learn why the festive season is the perfect time for exterior siding installation. Read More 

5 Ways Winter Storms Damage Roofs

Winter storms can bring in low temperatures, lots of snow, and high winds. All of these factors can lead to roof damage, so it's vital that you know what to watch for. 1. Shingle Damage The most obvious form of damage is to the shingles. Wind can rip shingles off or lift them up and ruffle them so they no longer lay flat. Even a single damaged shingle can leave the roof prone to leaks. Read More