Lesser-Known Factors That Affect The Price Of Roof Replacement

It's pretty clear that your roof replacement cost will depend largely on the size of your roof and the type of materials used. Larger roofs cost more to replace because they require more materials and labor. Upscale materials, like tile and slate, cost more than standard shingles. But these are not the only factors that affect the price of a roof replacement. Here are some other key factors that roofers consider when giving a quote or charging you for this service.

Deck Work

Under your primary roof material, whether it is shingles or some other material, there is a layer of wood known as the roof deck. This part is not automatically replaced when you have a roof replacement. But if there are any cracked or rotten boards in your roof deck, the roofer will need to replace those. The more roof deck work they need to do, the more your roof replacement will cost.

Number of Valleys

Two roofs can be the same size, but one can cost significantly more to replace if it has a lot of valleys. The valleys are places where two parts of a roof come together. Water tends to flow down here, so the valley needs to be well protected. As such, roofers typically put sheets of metal, known as flashing, in the valley. The cost of this material and its installation affects your final roof replacement cost. It also takes roofers longer to shingle in a valley since they need to cut more shingles.

Distance From the Roof Company

If you live a few minutes from your roofing company, they'll probably charge you less than if you were to live an hour from the roofing company. There are a few reasons for this. First, fuel has to be included in the roof replacement cost, and it takes more fuel to drive further away. Second, driving to a far-away home takes more time. Your roofers need to charge you for this time they spend on the road, and if there's a big team coming, that's a lot of collective time between the roofers.

Hopefully, this article has given you a clearer idea of what factors affect the cost of a roof replacement. Talk to your roofer if you have any specific questions about a quote or bill they have provided you with. They should be able to tell you where all the costs come from.

For more information about roof replacement, contact a local company.