Why Some Commercial Building Owners Choose To Install Green Roofs

One of the advantages of having a flat commercial roof is that you have additional space your business can use. The space can be used as a green space where employees can relax and recover. However, to use your roof as a green space, your roof must be designed correctly for this purpose.

Understanding Green Roofs  

A green roof is waterproof, also known as a ballasted roof. It has a waterproof membrane and a growing medium placed on top of the membrane, allowing the roof to provide your business with several benefits.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is one of the most common benefits of a green roof. One of the concerns with urban areas is that there need to be more places where water can be absorbed into the ground. Excess runoff leads to pollutants being carried to waterways, becoming more toxic and less safe to drink. 

Green roofs can reduce the flow of water substantially. As a result, they can delay the flow rate by several hours. 

The Aesthetics of a Green Roof

A green roof is usually perceived as being very beautiful. The green roof can also be a relaxing place your employees can go when taking a break or brainstorming ideas.

The Impact on the Environment

Building a green roof is also great for the environment. The green roof can cool your roof by providing shading and improving the insulation of your building. 

Another impact the green roof has on the environment is how it improves the biodiversity of your city. Urban areas tend to be less diverse, and you can solve this problem by creating a place where animals and plants can go. However, consider whether the green roof might also contribute to a pest control problem.

Another concern in a city is the heat island effect. Cities tend to be hotter than other areas. When more buildings have green roofs, they reduce the heat island effect.

How to Succeed With a Green Roof 

To install a green roof, consult a commercial roofing contractor. They can determine if your building can structurally support the weight of a commercial roof. The roof must be installed correctly to ensure that the roof doesn't lean.

Then, you must maintain the roof regularly to avoid losing plant life and ensure no leaks develop in the waterproof layer. However, as long as the roof is installed and maintained correctly, you'll see the benefits of a green roof.

To find out more, contact local commercial roofing services.