Tile Roofing Has A Long Lifespan And Is An Energy-Efficient Choice In New Roofing For Your Home

Tile roofing is luxury roofing that adds value to your home and that gives your home a more attractive look. There are different tile styles, so you can choose the type you like best or that match your home's architecture. Spanish tiles are a popular choice, but you can ask your roofer about all of the options available and which style would be best for your home. Here are reasons clay tiles are superior roofing materials.

They're Made From Natural Materials

Clay tiles are made from clay that's baked to make it hard and strong. The tiles are natural, so they don't harm the environment. They can be crushed and recycled, so they don't create waste. Since the tiles last for many decades, they can even be salvaged and used as reclaimed tiles for repairing historic roofs or for giving a new roof a weathered look.

They Stand Up To Wind

Tiles roofing is a good choice if you live where strong winds and storms occur. The tiles are heavy, so they are harder for the wind to lift. Plus, they are strong against hail, although hail damage is possible. Being heavy is an asset in certain climates, but you'll need to make sure your home can support the weight of clay tiles. If not, structural support can be added before your new roof is installed.

Tile Roofing Is Energy Efficient

Clay tile roofing is popular in southern climates because the roofing helps your home stay cooler. Clay tiles are usually a light color, and light colors reflect the sun so less heat is absorbed through your roof. The tiles also have high thermal emittance. That means the tiles release heat rather than absorb it.

The way the tiles are installed allows them to have improved ventilation and hold air pockets that provide natural insulation. All of these qualities combine to make the roofing energy-efficient, and that could result in lower summer power bills.

Clay Tiles Are Durable And Last A Long Time

Clay tiles are premium roofing, so they cost more to have installed. However, when the price is spread across the life of your roof, you get good value for your money. Clay tiles last for several decades, so you may never have to pay for a roof replacement again.

Plus, the tiles usually don't need a lot of maintenance. They aren't bothered by rot or insects. Damage from storms should be minimal, but if a tile does crack, it's usually easy to repair.

For more information on tile roofing, contact a professional near you.