Why Summer Is A Great Time For Roof Replacement

Summer is a busy season. Kids are off from school, most people take a vacation or two, and it can seem like family parties are taking place every weekend. With all there is to do, you may be tempted to put your roof replacement off until fall or even next spring. If you absolutely need to wait, then wait. However, summer is an awesome time for roofing, and if you can manage to have your roof replaced this summer, there are some benefits that come with doing so.

The roofers can work faster

Spring and fall often come with periodic rainfall, surprise wind storms, and other weather-related challenges. These surprises can delay your roofing project. Your roofers may need to push the project off for a few days, or they may need to take a break and let some weather pass. This can make your roof project harder to schedule around. In the summer, on the other hand, temperatures and the weather, in general, tend to be more even-keel and predictable. Your project is less likely to be delayed in the summer.

You can sort out any roofing problems before fall or winter

Roofers are not perfect. Even the best ones make a mistake on occasion. A piece of flashing might be left off, or a row of shingles may not be nailed down as securely as it could be. When you have your roof replaced in the summer, you'll have a couple of months of nice weather during which you're more likely to notice these small issues before they become more of a concern. For instance, if your roofer accidentally skips installing a piece of flashing, you have a chance to notice it before the snow comes and melts behind that missing flashing.

Parking the dumpster will be easier

Roofers need to strip off your old roof before putting a new one in place. They dispose of the old roof materials in a dumpster. In the summer, the ground tends to be drier, which means this dumpster can be parked in a more convenient spot. You are less likely to have to move your car or ask a neighbor to move their car so the dumpster can be parked. More convenient dumpster parking also means the roofers can strip the roof off faster.

Summer is a great time to have your roof replaced. If you can manage to schedule your project in the summer months, go for it. Talk to a replacement roofing service to plan your installation.