Talk To A Roofing Contractor About Putting A Colorful Metal Roof On Your Ice Cream Shop

If you own a dessert or ice cream shop, you need to draw in customers from the street to meet your daily sales goals. One way to do that is to advertise your shop with bright colors. You can even have a brightly colored roof if you choose metal roofing. Bright colors make it easy to find your building and send a message that whatever you're selling is fun and worth investigating.

Talk to a commercial roofing contractor about colors available in metal roofing and whether a metal roof is right for your building. Here are some advantages of getting a metal roof installed.

Metal Doesn't Need To Be Repaired Very Often

When you own your building rather than lease it, you have to keep up with repairs yourself. A metal roof could potentially need fewer repairs than an asphalt shingle roof since metal is so durable. If you want to minimize the need for roof repairs that might disrupt your customers, then metal is a good choice. Your roofing contractor can explain the maintenance and repairs to expect based on the environment around your building.

Metal Is A Good Match For A Beach Shop

If your ice cream shop is located on the coast where salt is in the air, aluminum is a good choice for your roof since it doesn't rust like steel can. Plus, metal roofs are installed in panels that secure to each other so they resist wind lifting. This could be an important consideration if there aren't any windbreaks between your shop and the wide open water.

In addition, a light-colored metal roof reflects the sun and keeps your building cooler. This is important if you rely on fans to keep your customers cool since your door is often open. Even if your shop is far from the coast, you can still enjoy the benefits of metal roofing.

Colorful Metal Roofs Are Eye-Catching

You'll want a roofing contractor to explain the different types of metal roofing and how they impact the appearance of your shop. They can also explain how the different types compare when it comes to potential leaks.

One of the most durable metal roofing types is the standing-seam, double-locked panel roofing. This has the lowest risk of leaking because of the way the seams are joined, and it has the most attractive appearance since the screws are hidden. It also costs more, so you'll want your roofing contractor to compare costs with you too.

Metal roofing can also be used on very low-sloped roofs. A roofing contractor has to measure the slope to make sure the roof will drain properly, but a colorful metal roof might even be possible if your roof is nearly flat.

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