Is It Worth Paying More For A Tile Roof?

If you have a shingle roof that will soon need to be replaced, you will have to decide what material you want your new roof to be made from. Getting another shingle roof is often the default option. But you may also be considering a tile roof. Tile roofs do cost more, but there are some very real advantages of upgrading. Is it worth paying more for a tile roof? Here are some factors to consider as you decide.

How harsh is your weather?

Tile roofs are usually recommended in areas where the weather can be quite harsh. They stand up well to wind, and as such, they work well in areas that get hurricanes and blizzards. They are impervious to UV and sun damage, and as such, they are popular in really hot and sunny areas. Tile is also pretty durable in areas that get a lot of snow; it is less likely to suffer ice and water damage. So basically, if you live in an area where the weather is harsh, tile is often worth the higher cost. On the other hand, if your weather is pretty mild, you may not get as many weather-related benefits from tile roofing.

Do you like the appearance of tile?

Tile roofing does come in a few different styles. There are raised, Spanish tiles made from terra cotta. There are also flatter tiles made from concrete. But in any case, tile roofs do tend to have a distinct look. Sometimes, this look may really enhance your home's architectural style and improve its curb appeal. That's often worth paying for, especially if you plan on selling your home as buyers usually pay more for homes with curb appeal. On the other hand, if a tile roof looks out of place on your home, it may not be worth paying for.

Can your home support the weight?

Tile roofing is heavier than shingle roofing. Your home may need to be reinforced in order to support a tile roof. Get a quote for this work, and see how much it will cost to have done. If the cost is manageable, or if your home can support a tile roof as it is built currently, then that points towards tile roofing being a better option.

Tile roofs cost more than shingle roofs, but sometimes, it's worth paying this higher price. Talk to a roof replacement company such as Thomas Roofing & Supply Inc to learn more.