4 Reasons To Rethink Your DIY Roof Replacement

Having a roof replaced can be expensive. If you are looking to save money, then you might be considering a DIY roof replacement. This can work out on occasion if you're handy and have construction experience — but in most cases, it is not a great idea. Here are some reasons to reconsider your DIY roof replacement.

You may void the warranty on your roof materials.  

Most roofing materials come with some sort of warranty. For example, your shingles may have a 10-year warranty under which the company will pay to replace them if they break or fail within this time period. But if you read the fine print on roof warranties, most of them only apply if the roof is installed in a certain way by licensed professionals. If you install the materials yourself, you may void the warranty, which means you'll have to pay for any repairs out of pocket.

You might get hurt.

Roofing is a dangerous job. There is a risk of falling off the roof, but there's also a risk of hitting yourself in the hand with a hammer or cutting yourself on a roofing nail. If you become injured while replacing your roof, you may not be able to complete the job. Professionals have the experience and protective gear to replace a roof more safely.

One mistake could lead to leaks.

Installing a roof properly involves a little more than just nailing shingles to the roof deck. You also need to install underlayment, put down drip edge, insert vents, and a lot more. If you skip one of these steps unknowingly, then your roof will be more prone to leaks. And once a roof starts leaking, the water damage spreads pretty quickly and becomes harder to address.

It's hard to do on your own.

Roofers usually come with a big team. There may be a half dozen or more workers up there stripping the old roof and then nailing the new one into place. Doing the whole roof yourself is very demanding and may take you weeks — if not longer. Recruiting friends to help with such an extensive job is not easy, either.

Hiring a professional is usually the way to go with a roof replacement. If you're on a tight budget, you may want to consider financing. Or, see if your roofer can patch up your current roof so you can get another year or two out of it while you save.

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