Why Professional Roof Repairs Really Are Better

Can you patch your own roof? Probably. Should you patch your whole roof? Probably not. While most people do have the DIY skills to perform a basic roof repair that involves nailing some new shingles over a damaged area, you're usually best off hiring a roofer to do this for you. Here are the key reasons why professional roof repairs really are best.

The roofer will properly position the new shingles under the older ones.

Nailing new shingles right on top of the roof is a passable, temporary fix for missing or damaged shingles. But it's not the best way, or the proper way, to replace shingles. When shingles are applied, they are layered over one another. A professional roofer knows how to lift the layers of shingles above the damaged ones and situate the new shingles beneath them. This makes repairs far more secure and will reduce your risk of leaks in the coming years. Most homeowners don't have the finesse to perform repairs so precisely.

The roofer will know which shingles are the best to use.

Roofers can usually source the exact shingles that are currently on your home. This will result in a perfect match, which is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also to keep the roof draining properly. If you were to do the repairs yourself, you would generally be limited to the shingles offered at local home improvement stores. They may not match your existing roof, and they are not always of the highest quality.

The roofer will look for underlying issues that led to the damage.

You might think you're just dealing with a few missing shingles. But in fact, the problem might be that you have a blocked vent and part of your roof is getting too warm, leading to shingle damage. Or, there could be popped nails that are allowing that part of the roof to be exposed to too much water. A roofer won't just blindly fix the most obvious problem with your roof. They'll look for and address any deeper underlying problems, helping prevent future roofing issues in the coming months and years.

While performing basic roof repairs may not seem like a big deal, it's not usually worth doing this work yourself. Professional roofers tend to do a much better job for the reasons described above. Their services are almost always worth paying for and arranging. 

Speak to a local roofing contractor to learn more.