5 Mistakes That Lead To Roof Damage

Roof damage is a worry for most homeowners. Not only is there the expense of repairs, but a damaged roof can also lead to water leaks that affect other parts of your home. You can help mitigate roofing concerns by avoiding some common mistakes that can cause major damage to the roof.

1. Basketball Hoop Location

A driveway basketball hoop is a nice addition unless it damages the roof. Hoops attached to the gable end of the roof can cause damage from the weight of the hoop and repeated hits from the ball. There are also issues with the ball bouncing on the shingles and causing damage over time. A better option is to install basketball hoops on posts in the driveway instead.

2.  Installation Shingle Penetration

Installing things on your roof or eaves can lead to leaks from punctures or water damage due to poor installation techniques. Common culprits when it comes to this type of damage include holiday decorations, satellite dishes, and antennas. Using clips instead of nails for holiday lights is one solution. Professional installation and roofing inspections to verify seals on the mounts are installed properly.

3. Infrequent Gutter Maintenance

Gutters are on the front lines when it comes to potential roof damage. The main job of the gutter is to route water away from the roof edges. Clogged gutters act like dams, which results in backflow underneath shingles and eventual rot. It can be even worse in winter when clogged gutters cause ice dams that can result in major water damage. Regular gutter cleaning and eave maintenance is the prevention method of choice.

4. Improper Cleaning Methods

Sometimes roofs need to be cleaned to get rid of leaf debris, moss, and algae. There's a wrong way to clean, though. Using the wrong tools or techniques can lift and crack shingles. Instead, your roofer can add zinc strips or use spray-on treatments to kill algae and moss. Annual roof cleaning will also take care of leaf debris. 

5. Rooftop Foot Traffic 

Getting up on the roof isn't just dangerous, it can cause major damage. Just walking on shingles can compress them and make them more prone to cracking and leaks. It's advised not to get up on the roof unless it is absolutely necessary. Calling in the professionals for repairs and maintenance is one way to ensure that no damage occurs due to foot traffic.

For more help in maintaining your roof, or for assistance with repairs, contact a roofing contractor near you.