Storm Damage Roof Repairs Your Roofer Might Need To Do So Your Roof Won’t Start Leaking

Being in a bad storm is frightening, but the worst part of the experience could be when the storm passes and you get a look at the damage to your home. Strong wind, flying debris, and hail can damage your siding, gutters, windows, and roof.

The first step is to contact your insurance agent and get advice on what to do. If a tree limb crashed through your roof, you'll want immediate help. If shingles are missing, you'll still want quick repairs, but you might just get a tarp put on until repairs can be done. Here's a look at some possible storm damage roof repairs you could need.

Replace Shingles Damaged By Hail

An important part of inspecting your roof is to look for hail damage. The roofer will check all sides of the roof and mark hail dents to determine how many there are and how close they are together. This is information your insurance company needs to determine if they will replace your roof because of the risk of the hail strikes causing leaks later on.

If the damage is random, the roofer may just replace the shingles damaged by hail and wind. However, if there is a lot of shingle damage, your entire roof will probably need to be replaced. If there's a risk of your roof leaking, the roofer may cover it with a tarp and schedule repairs for a later date since homes with more severe damage may take priority.

Rebuild The Roof Deck

If the plywood deck of your roof has a big hole in it from a fallen tree, the first step is to get the tree out of the way. Then the roofer can cover the hole or repair it. As long as there's a hole in your roof, you may need to leave your home for safety reasons.

Once the tree is gone, the roofer can assess the structure of your roof and determine the type of repairs needed. If rafters were damaged, these may need to be reinforced or replaced too. When the rafters are repaired and stable, the roofer can attach new plywood decking and cover it with underlayment. After that, new shingles can be installed.

Repair Skylights And Turbines On The Roof

If your roof shingles have storm damage, there's a good chance other things on your roof are damaged too. Skylights may be cracked, and the turbine or box vents on the roof may be damaged or missing. All these things need to be replaced or repaired so rain won't leak in around them.

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