Is Your Store’s Roof Punctured?

If your store's roof leaks, you may wonder if your roof needs repairs soon. If your roof leaks a great deal of water into your building, you may need to repair your roof fairly soon. Your roof could have a large puncture, or hole, in it. Learn more about punctured roofs and what you can do about your roof below.

How Can Your Roof Become Punctured?

Your roof keeps your store safe from many things, including heat and rain. However, commercial roofs can be punctured over time. A punctured roof can make your roof susceptible to rain, heat, and even insects.

A number of things may potentially puncture a roof, including large rooftop HVAC equipment. Most commercial HVAC systems sit on the top or surface of roofs. If the equipment becomes too heavy for a roof, it can become punctured over time.

You can also accidentally puncture your roof if you leave nails and other hard tools on it during the year. If the objects become embedded in the roof's shingles, they can pierce them. Water may pass through the punctures and enter your store.

If you think something punctured your store's roof, call a roofer for services today.

How Do You Repair a Severely Punctured Roof?

A roofing contractor can complete an assessment of your roof for you. A contractor may check your HVAC system first during the assessment. If your HVAC equipment is too heavy for your roof, a contractor may suggest you replace the equipment soon. If your HVAC equipment didn't cause punctures in your roof, a contractor will assess the rest of your roof next.

The next place a roofer may check is the shingles on your roof. Shingles can become degraded enough to leak over time. If the shingles on your roof show significant signs of degradation, a roofer will most likely recommend you install a new roof on your store. In this case, you may want to upgrade your store's roof to a system that can withstand heavy rain and other conditions. Rainwater may be one of the reasons your roof leaked in the first place.

If necessary, a contractor can help you select a new roofing system for your store. A contractor may have a style and information guide on their website you can look through. You can use the guide to find a system that not only protects your store, but it also enhances it as well.

Learn more about commercial roof repair by contacting a local roofer.