Myths About Metal Roofs Debunked

Metal roofs are popular in commercial and residential homes as they help improve curb appeal, are energy-efficient, and last long. However, despite the pleasing features, various misconceptions about metal roofing solutions can deter you from making the right decision.

Here are the common myths about metal roofing systems you should be aware of.

Metal Roofs Are Best Used In Industrial Properties

Metal roofs are popular in commercial properties like silos and granaries since they are durable. However, this does not make metal roofs a less favorable option for residential homes. You can opt for metallic roofs for your residential premises as they are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and available in different designs.

Metallic Roofs Are Prone to Weather Damage

Generally, metallic roofs are heavier compared to other roofing materials like slate and clay. As a result, there is a misconception that metallic roofs easily sink during tornados and hailstorms. However, fasteners and clips are used during installation to hold metallic roofs in position, making them endure extreme weather conditions.

Metallic Roofing Attracts Lightning  

Lighting is a natural disaster that usually strikes metallic structures that are pointed and isolated. Unfortunately, this fact has led to a belief that metal roofing solutions attract lightning. Although metallic roofs conduct electricity, they do not attract lightning. In fact, metallic roofs dispense energy from lightning safely without causing fire damage.

Metallic Roofs Are Noisy

Although metallic roofs can be noisy, especially when it rains, the extent of noise varies depending on whether the roof was properly installed. You may want to install a roof underlayment to soundproof the metallic roof. Other ways you can use to reduce noise from your metallic roofing include:

  • Insulating your ceiling
  • Regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the roof is always in place
  • Opting for flat metal roof designs

Following these steps can guarantee a quiet metal roof, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Metallic Roofs Block Cell Phone Signal

The misconception that metal roofing solutions block cell phone services is widely spread, but this is not true. Metallic roofing does not disrupt cell phone services in any way. Common factors that disrupt phone signals include:

  • Distance from cell phone service provider tower
  • Proximity to utility towers
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • High cellular traffic
  • Phone malfunction

Metallic Roofs Are Not Energy-Efficient

If you believe that a metallic roof will make your home hot or cold, depending on the weather, this is a misconception you should avoid. Modern metallic roofs are fabricated to reflect sun rays and allow for insulation against cold weather.

Above are the common myths about metal roofing solutions debunked. Metallic roofs are favorable for both residential and commercial premises. Similarly, metal roofing solutions are not susceptible to weather damage, are energy-efficient, and do not attract lightning.