5 Common Reasons For Needing Shingle Repair

Your asphalt shingle roof can last decades if it is properly cared for. Part of this care means scheduling shingle repairs whenever any type of damage occurs. Acting promptly can prevent worse problems on the roof later.

1. Delamination

Shingles are made up of several layers of asphalt with a sturdy backing material sealed between the layers. Manufacturing defects or installation mistakes, such as putting fasteners through the wrong area of the shingle, can cause these layers to separate via a process known as delamination. Your repair service will replace delaminated shingles as well as check the remaining shingles to verify there are no fastener location problems that could lead to more damage.

2. Fastener Issues

Shingles are typically fastened in place with nails driven through the nailing tabs on the shingles. They may also be attached with an adhesive. Some adhesives are applied manually, while others are built into the shingles and only adhere when exposed to heat. If shingles are coming loose, the cause could be a fastener failure of either the nails or the adhesive. A quick inspection will reveal the problem so that the fasteners can be replaced using proper methods.

3. Curling and Cupping

Curling affects the edges of shingles, while cupping is a distortion that occurs mid-shingle. Age and moisture are the likely culprits of both types of damage. Replacing affected shingles is necessary, as they can't be individually repaired. This should be done as soon as you notice an issue, though. Otherwise, the curled or cupped shingles can allow moisture to seep beneath neighboring shingles leading to more extensive damage.

4. Granule Loss

Asphalt shingles have gravel granules on their surface, which help make them waterproof while protecting the shingle from weathering damages. Hail, wind, and age can lead to the loss of the granules on the shingles. Replacement is the only option for severe granule loss, but your roofer can seal the roof if granule loss is caught early.

5. Punctures and Damages

Punctures from debris and fallen tree branches, along with wind damage that tears and loosens shingles are some of the most common problems on the standard asphalt shingle roof. Fortunately, most of these damages can be repaired with a patch or new shingle, as long as the problem is caught before water incursion beneath the shingles leads to further damage.

Contact a shingle repair service if you suspect that any of the above issues are affecting the integrity of your roof.