DIY Metal Roof Installation Mistakes Causing Your Roof To Leak

Metal roofs are among the best roofing options because they do not require intensive maintenance and have an incredible lifespan. That said, it is not uncommon for your roof to experience leaks due to poor installation. This is why you should avoid installing the roof yourself unless you are qualified to do so. Below are some DIY installation mistakes that can cause your roof to leak.

Incorrectly Driving Roofing Screws

Metal roofing screws have a rubber washer at the bottom of the head to prevent leaks. However, you need to drive them correctly for this function to take effect. The screws should not be over-driven or under-driven. Additionally, you have to ensure they are properly aligned. For these reasons, it is best to let a metal roofer do the installations. 

Another thing you should note is that metal roofing screws can come off due to strong winds and roof shifts. The rubber washer can also deteriorate from harsh weather, so it is paramount to have your structure checked yearly. 

Failing to Install or Replace the Sealant

All metal roofs have a sealant used after the roof installation, and it works to shield it from leaks during heavy rains. Unfortunately, the sealant does not last as long as the metal material and must be replaced during routine maintenance. Signs of wear and tear usually manifest along the reglets, counter flashing, and z-flashing, which are also common leaking zones. 

You need a roofer to inspect problematic areas and replace the sealant with the appropriate option. Ideally, you need a sealant that will stick to the metal surface in such a way that the roof can expand and contract without affecting it. 

Improper Curb Flashing Installation

Most HVAC systems are installed on the curb, a part of the metal roof that is supposed to carry all its weight while connecting the appliance to the ductwork. Unfortunately, curbs are known to leak, so a flashing must be put in place to prevent this from happening. If none of these two are well installed, you will experience leaks. In addition to avoiding DIY curb flashing installations, always repair or replace them on time.

Wrong Stack Flashing Replacement

Stack flashing, also known as the boot, is the part where pipes cut through your roof. It is mostly installed where the air vents and plumbing systems pass through. These areas can easily leak, especially if the flashing is worn out. Since the flashing does not have a long lifespan, it must be promptly and properly replaced to prevent leaks.

Now you know the extent of damage DIY metal roof installations can do. If you want to reap the benefits of metal roofs, you should let an expert roofer perform all installations. 

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