Unexplained Roof Leaks: Did Something Puncture Your Roof?

If it rains in your home, but you can't find the source of the leak, check your roof for punctures. A number of things can puncture or put holes in your roof, including hail and tree limbs. If the punctures become large enough, they can allow water to leak into your house. Learn more about roof punctures and how you can find and seal the punctures in your roof below.

How Does Your Roof Become Punctured?

Punctures are small holes that show up on the roof's surface. The holes can hide anywhere on your roof, including near the edges of the roof. Some punctures can be deep enough to penetrate your entire roofing system. The holes on your roof can place your home at risk for water damage if they allow rain into it.

A number of things can puncture your roof, including sharp pieces of hail and tree limbs. You can also puncture your roof if you walk on it, or if you install a heavy item such as a satellite dish on your roof. The nails and bolts used to install a satellite dish can also penetrate or puncture your roof. 

The punctures on your roof may only get worse with time. If you don't repair the punctures now, your roof and home could pay for it later.

How Do You Seal the Punctures on Your Roof?

You don't want to repair the punctures on your roof yourself. Your shoes or footwear may damage your roof even further. You want to call a roofing contractor and have them seal or repair the holes on your roof. 

Before a roofer examines and repairs your roof, they'll cover their feet with roofing boots. The boots come with special rubber soles that won't puncture or damage your roof. After a contractor puts on the correct footwear, they'll inspect your roof.

The inspection will help a roofer locate the various punctures on your roof. The punctures may show up on the shingles as tiny holes or marks. If hail punctured your roof, a roofer may find small dark dots or circles on your roof. Hail can also place small dents in your roof's shingles. 

If a roofer finds punctures on your roof, they'll seal them. If the damage is severe, a contractor may need to cover your roof with new shingles. A contractor may use other methods to repair your punctured roof.

Learn more about roof punctures and how to repair them by contacting a roofing company today.