Simple Tips To Help You Prepare For New Window Installations

From the refresh the products will give to your property to the ability to save big money on your monthly energy bills, there are several benefits to having new windows professionally installed in your home. Preparing your home before the installation crew arrives to hang the windows will help ensure the windows are not damaged and the crew is able to install the windows as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare your home before new windows are installed.

Remove Any Blinds, Window Treatments, and Shelving Near the Windows

Begin by taking down any blinds, curtains, drapes, and window treatments covering the windows that you are having replaced. Take down the curtain rods, as well, because these items can get in the installation crew's way. Remove any shelving, pictures, or artwork that is near the windows, as well. Although the crew will be very careful, it is possible that these items can be damaged when the old windows are being removed or the new windows are being installed.

Relocate Any Furniture

Move any furniture that is in front of the windows or could block the path of the crew. Remember, the installation team will need plenty of room to remove the old windows and install the new ones. If you are having multiple windows installed or are having a major renovation to your home, consider renting a storage unit to temporarily store all of your large pieces of furniture.

Protect Your Rugs and Flooring

Consider removing any area rugs and relocating the rugs temporarily while the new windows are being installed. Placing down drop cloths or plastic sheeting on the floor is another great option to protect your flooring and carpet. Remember, there will be workers moving in and out of your home using tools and kicking up dust by removing the old windows. You will need to protect your flooring from damage.

Clear a Space for the Installation Crew

Finally, remove any items that will get in the way of the installation crew. For example, in addition to relocating furniture and rugs, trim back the hedges surrounding the home. The crew will need to access your home's exterior, and any hedges or outdoor furniture can get in the way. Finally, don't forget to keep your kids and pets in a separate room, as well.

From removing window treatments to eliminating furniture, there are several ways you can prepare your home for new window installation.