3 Incentives To Invest In A Commercial Roofing Overlay

While commercial roofing materials are designed to last, they're bound to wear out over time due to constant exposure to the elements. That's why it's crucial for every business owner to note down their roofing system's lifespan. This allows them to start saving for a roofing upgrade early. Timely roofing upgrades reset your roofing system's lifespan, and this gives you peace of mind knowing that your indoor spaces are protected from the elements, and your equipment is secured from damage.

If you're hesitant to upgrade your commercial roofing system because you perceive it as a huge financial commitment, you'll be pleased to know that there are a variety of upgrading options at different price points that you can explore. In this article, you'll discover overlaying and why it's a worthy investment.

Time-Efficient Installation 

The greatest incentive to invest in a commercial roofing overlay is the time-efficient installation it guarantees. Since the roofers won't be ripping off your existing roof, they can complete the roofing upgrade in record time, allowing you to lower business downtime as much as possible.

To guarantee that the roofing upgrade is effective, the roofers will first meticulously repair your existing roof to ensure the new shingles layer is installed on a sturdy foundation. Once the new shingles layer is properly nailed onto your roof, you can quickly resume normal business operations before customers start slipping through the cracks.

Cost-Efficient Upgrade

Another incentive to explore overlaying is to minimize roofing upgrade costs. You'll budget for fewer roofing supplies because the roofers will reuse your current roof's sheathing. What's more, the project will be much less labor-intensive as compared to a complete overhaul, and this significantly lowers the labor fees. Not to mention the reduced waste disposal costs because a roofing overlay doesn't result in that much post-construction waste.

Additional Roofing Coverage.

What's better than one layer of roofing coverage? Two layers of roofing coverage! A commercial roofing overlay reinforces your overhead coverage, ensuring that no rainwater leaks into your indoor spaces. What's more, an additional shingles layer strengthens your roofing system and ensures you don't have to worry about roofing replacement for a long time. Not to mention your roof getting a cosmetic facelift without you having to spend an arm and a leg. You get to cover the faded appearance of your old shingles roof with a fresh layer of quality roofing material.

Now that you know the benefits of exploring a commercial roofing overlay, this is your cue to contact reliable roofing contractors and commission a roofing upgrade.