4 Common Residential Roofing Problems That A Roof Repair Service Can Solve

Since your roofing system protects your belongings and loved ones against various weather elements, it might also be the first section of your house likely to suffer damage. Roof damages are often difficult to detect, mainly because they aren't always obvious. However, even the minor cracks and holes might let moisture into the inner layers, thereby wreaking havoc on your property. That is why it is important to seek regular maintenance and repair services. Continue reading to learn the common problems that professional roof repair services can solve.

1. Structural Damage

After a storm, a tree branch might have knocked down a few shingles. Structural damage on the roof creates cracks and holes for water to leak into your house and cause a host of damages like rot and mold growth. It is best to solve the problem through timely roof repair services. Your contractor will inspect the extent of damage, recommend the right replacement materials, and proceed to fix the damage.

2. Loose or Clogged Gutters

Downspouts and gutters work to redirect water from the rain into a reservoir tank or the drainage system. They eliminate the risks of standing water on your roof and foundation and prevent water damage. Generally, water might flow to other housing structures like the siding or foundation if the gutters are clogged by debris and leaves. Uncontrolled water from your roofing system threatens the integrity of your home if it soaks into the basement and foundation. Contractors can replace the gutters and downspouts if they are damaged beyond saving. They could recommend cleaning out the debris and anchoring the gutters tightly to prevent water runoff.

3. Curled Shingles

Over time, as your roofing shingles contract and expands under fluctuating weather conditions, they might begin to curl or cave along the edges. The tiny spaces between tiles create entry points for water to seep in and damage your house. If left unattended, your ceiling might have dark streaks that indicate leaks. Mold infestation, algae growth, and rot might follow. Therefore, you should let the roofer replace curled shingles to prevent further damage.

4. Rotten Soffit

This structure is often made of wood, and it is the visible part that lies underneath your roofing system. The board is usually vulnerable to rot and damage when exposed to moisture and ice dams. You'll know something is wrong if you notice cracks, holes, and color changes. Leaving it unaddressed also invites birds and rodents to turn the eaves into nesting and breeding areas. Consider reporting the issue to a qualified contractor for residential roofing repair services.

You should always pay attention to every detail and change around your property. If you notice any roofing system issues, you should have them fixed on time to save some money and extend the life of your roofing system. Call a roofing service, such as Elite Exteriors, for timely roof repair services.