How Your Commercial Roofer Might Deal With Your Rusty Old Metal Roof

If you have a metal roof that's rusted in places and loose along a seam, your building is in danger of water damage. Talk to a commercial roofer to find out your options. In some cases, an old metal roof can be rejuvenated so you can extend its life, but other times the roof has to be replaced before it fails. Here are some options for dealing with a metal roof that has a lot of damage.

Pull Off The Old Roof And Install A New One

Replacing the old roof is the most expensive and disruptive option, but it could be necessary if the old roof has been leaking and the deck has water damage. The upside is that a new metal roof should last for decades, so you won't have to worry about your roof for a long time if you maintain it properly.

Repair The Rusty And Leaky Areas

Before deciding your old roof has to go, the commercial roofer might estimate the cost of making repairs. Unless repairs would be so expensive that your money would be better spent on a new roof, your roofer might remove rust, apply primer, and seal the holes on rusty areas so they stop spreading. They could also replace fasteners and apply adhesives to seal loose seams.

Put A Membrane Over The Old Roof

A rubber or PVC roofing membrane can be applied over a metal roof. The commercial roofer might need to make repairs to the old roof too if it has water damage, but a benefit of putting a membrane over the old roof is that your roof will have an attractive appearance.

Metal roof repairs often don't blend in with the color of the roof very well, and that can make your roof unattractive. A metal or PVC membrane covers the roof entirely and makes it watertight while giving the surface of your roof a clean, uniform, attractive appearance.

Apply A Metal Roof Coating

A roof coating is a simple way to deal with an old metal roof. The surface of the roof has to be prepped properly so the coating will stick to it well. Then the coating is applied with a roller or by spraying so it covers the entire surface of the roof. The coating creates a watertight blanket on the roof that has no seams to leak.

Plus, the coating makes the roof more attractive since it has a fresh color. A coating can add several more years to the life of an old metal roof, so it's an option to consider when you want to put off getting a new roof for as long as possible.