Roofing: Why Ask Residential Roofing Services For Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning should be done regularly, regardless of whether you have moss or lichen on your roof or not, because regular cleaning will keep the gutters and other parts in good health. However, there are also some benefits to spring cleaning you may not know if you haven't done it before. Consider these benefits of hiring residential roofing services for cleaning the roof.

Remove Organic Growth

One big reason to have your residential roof cleaned is to remove mold and algae from the roof. These organic growths can stain and damage the roofing materials over time and, in extreme cases, compromise the entire structure. 

Regular cleaning prevents these problems from ever arising. Residential roofing services clean off these growths using high-powered water jets and prevent the infestation from spreading.

Remove Corrosive Residues

Roofs accumulate excess debris and chemical pollution over time. These corrosive materials can cause damage to the roof because of their corrosiveness. Regular cleaning by your residential roofing services will help remove these residues to ensure a clean and healthy roof. It also slows down the fading and rotting of the roof's understructure.

Expose Damaged Roof Sections

Many homeowners have damaged sections in their roofs without even knowing it. By making sure your roof is clean and free from debris, you can expose these damaged sections to see if they need repair or replacement. The residential roofing services can then assess the damage and plan the repairs to avoid further problems.

Remove Silt and Debris From the Gutters

Cleaning out debris from your gutters prevents them from becoming clogged. Once a gutter gets clogged, water backs up and overflows onto your house's foundation, walls, windows, and doors. This causes wood rot, drywall damage, and other problems you certainly don't want to deal with.

Avoid a potential disaster by having roofing services clear out your gutters once a year so you can make sure they won't get clogged before it becomes an issue.

Restore Roof Color

Cleaning restores the roof's original color. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you can tell if it is due for washing by looking at it. If it is light in color it will turn darker, and if it is dark, it will go lighter with age and exposure to pollutants.

Gradually pollutants stain asphalt shingles and make them lose their vibrant color. Cleaning restores its original look and protects against further discoloration.

Regular roof cleaning maintains an attractive curb appeal and adds years to the roof. Call residential roofing services to book a cleaning session and restore the roof's beauty. A business like FB Roofing & Siding, Inc. may have more information.