3 Roofing Problems You Might Experience And Why You Need Professional Roof Repair Services

The weather changes are not always friendly to your roof. The strong winds, snow, and ice can take a toll on even the strongest and most durable roofing materials. Knowing the potential problems your roof may experience due to weather changes is crucial and can ensure you call the roof repair professionals on time and prevent serious roof damage. Here are common roofing issues homeowners experience in different seasons due to harsh weather elements.

1. Ice Dams

Your attic allows heat to escape through the roof to ensure proper temperature regulation. However, this heat can sometimes escape only on the top part of the attic instead of throughout the entire roof. This heat will cause the ice or snow settled on the roof to melt and flow downwards. However, since heat does not get to the roof's eaves, the water will freeze again, creating ice dams. Failure to remove these ice dams immediately allows some ice and melted water to get under the shingles, causing roof leaks and mold development. Dealing with the main cause of ice dams is not easy, and that's why it is recommended to call roof repair professionals to deal with the problem.

2. Condensation

Proper attic ventilation ensures the temperatures outside are consistent with those inside the attic. However, sometimes your attic can become too warm to match the cold temperatures outside during winter. In such cases, the cold air coming into your house through the vents will combine with the attic's warm air, causing condensation. After a while, moisture will accumulate in the trusses and ceiling joints. If this moisture is not cleared, it will promote mold growth and rot within the roofing elements. Such issues cause extensive damage that leads to costly roof repairs or replacements.

3. Tree Branches

Strong winds are also a common cause of roofing problems. Although these winds may not cause direct damage to your roof, they can break off branches of some trees close to your house. Moreover, the accumulated ice and snow on these tree branches may be too heavy for the branches to hold that they eventually break. Some of these branches can fall on your roof, causing some shingles to dislodge or creating holes in the roof. Repairing such damage is not easy and requires a roofing expert with the proper safety gear and relevant experience.

These are some issues your roof may be exposed to during different seasons. It is best to call the roof repair professional to ensure the problem is handled correctly when you experience any of these problems. The professionals have undergone training and are equipped with the best tools to ensure they handle the problem safely and quickly.