Important Maintenance Protocols for Wood Shingles on Residential Properties

A lot of homeowners are starting to put wood shingles on their roofs because this material is very durable and provides great insulation. If you've just had these shingles installed on your home's roof, here are some maintenance protocols that can protect this investment. 

Continue to Remove Debris

If debris ever has the chance to collect on your roof where there are wood shingles, then you want to remove them. Otherwise, what's probably going to happen is the debris allows moisture to develop and that can cause damage to wood shingles. It may even be so bad that you have to replace the shingles entirely.

You won't be worried about this problem if you continue to remove debris that piles up over time, whether it's leaves, dirt, or other residues. If you don't feel safe removing these things yourself, professional contractors can always assist and provide a consistent cleaning schedule for your peace of mind.

Hire Professionals for Power-Washing

Removing debris is going to keep wood shingles in better condition over the years but sometimes, debris is difficult to remove by hand. If you're in this position, then you should consider hiring a professional company to go in and power-wash these residues. 

The water pressure should be enough to completely clear off your wood shingles. It's important to let a professional complete this service though because they know exactly how much water pressure to use for effective cleaning, all while safeguarding your wood shingles from damage. 

Monitor Pest Activity

If you've seen pests around your property in the past, then it's important to keep an eye out for their activity around your roof since wood shingles might be something they try to chew through. It's fortunately pretty easy to tell if pests like rodents have started to damage your wood shingles because there will be chips everywhere.

If you discover these signs, be sure to hire a pest control expert that can eradicate the population before major wood shingle damage happens. Then you'll just need to do your best to keep these pests from wanting to come back like picking up trash.

If you have wood shingles on your residential roof, you need to put in the time to maintain them. That's the best way to see them last for as long as they're supposed to, as well as avoid costly repairs that no homeowner wants to really deal with.