5 Things to Know About Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing Material

Want to replace your roof with cedar shake material, but don't want all of the problems that come with using real wood? Synthetic cedar shake material may be the solution to your problem. Here is what you should know about this synthetic material before you decide to get it.

What Are Synthetic Cedar Shakes?

The synthetic variation of cedar shake roofing material is made out of a composite material that will replicate the look of actual wood, such as rubber or recycled plastic. Some homeowners prefer having a synthetic material because it is not going to have the same disadvantages as actual cedar shake material.

How Are Synthetic Natural Shakes Better Than Real Wood?

Aside from the construction of the roofing material itself, synthetic roofing material is going to have a much better fire rating than real wood. In fact, synthetic cedar shakes have a class-A fire rating without having to coat the material with a fire retardant. This can even help bring down the cost of your homeowner's insurance since synthetic cedar shake material will better protect your home.

Are Synthetic Cedar Shakes Durable?

Another benefit is that the synthetic variations of cedar shakes are impact resistant. They are going to not only withstand hail storms, but also debris that may fall onto your roof when there are strong winds and branches flying through the air.

In addition, the synthetic material is not going to split, rot, or decay like natural wood. Synthetic shakes also have low water absorption properties, so it is going to resist the thaw and freeze cycles that other roofing materials experience.

How Authentic Do Synthetic Cedar Shakes Look?

From the ground, you are not going to tell that you have synthetic roofing material on your home. It's' designed to look just like the real wood counterpart, and can make your home look stunning as a result. You can also order synthetic shake material in a variety of sizes and colors so that it works well with your home's existing look.

Do Synthetic Cedar Shakes Require Maintenance?

A synthetic cedar shake roof is going to be relatively maintenance-free over the years. You do not need to seal or paint the surface to keep it in great condition. This can be great news as a homeowner, especially if you have a tall home with a steep roof that you do not want to get on to perform maintenance.