Roofing Services: Unnatural Causes That Can Destroy Your Roof

Your residential roof protects you from natural elements like hail storms, hurricanes, and heavy rains. But the roof deteriorates due to continued exposure to these elements. However, in addition to these natural factors, your roof can suffer damage from unnatural causes. As a homeowner, you should be watchful and swift in handling them. Below are a few examples of unnatural causes of roof damage and what you can do about them.

Fallen Trees or Tree Branches

Overly grown trees that are near your house can cause devastating roof damage. Such trees usually have overgrown branches that may hang on your roof. These branches scrape the roof's outermost protective layer, exposing it to leaks. Besides that, they can break off due to strong winds, causing dents on the roof surface. 

Tree leaves are also detrimental to the roof. They can clog the gutters or retain moisture leading to spongy shingles that are prone to leaks. Also, some tree species produce sap, which can soften or blister your shingles. 

Besides that, a dead tree poses a great danger to your roof. It can fall on your roof, leaving it utterly destroyed. As such, it's advisable to trim the trees that look overgrown and cut down the dead ones. Additionally, call your roofer frequently to clear the leaves, branches, and sap on the rooftop.

Animals Perching and Nesting on the Roof

You will see birds, squirrels, and other animals on your property from time to time. Watching them can be fun, and you might even get tempted to feed them. Unfortunately, tolerating these animals on your property can harm your roof.

Small animals and birds like to perch and nest on the roof. But as they do so, they leave stains and debris from their food, urine, and feces. In addition to keeping animals off the roof, schedule regular roof cleaning to get rid of the debris deposited by animals. Furthermore, your roofer needs to seal the soffit and fascia, which animals and birds use as entry points into the attic.

Wrong Roofing Decisions

When it comes to your roof, you ought to be careful with your decisions as this will profoundly affect the roof's condition down the line. For instance, hanging Christmas lights is not wrong, but how you choose to do it might be the problem. You may need to climb up the roof and walk on it, which is quite destructive. So before undertaking anything related to the roof, consult your roofer. 

When your roof sustains damage from any of the above issues, hire a roofer to rectify it. Besides that, it's advisable to avoid practices that can destroy your roof, such as planting trees near the house, feeding birds, and walking on the roof. 

A roofing company, such as Amcon Roofing, can help you protect your roof.