Residential Roofing: How Damage Presents In Different Roofing Materials

Various determinants could warrant a roof repair. For example, storms can be brutal to your roof. Branches from an adjacent tree could also fall on your roof. Such factors can leave your roof with different kinds of damage. A roof repair expert can examine your roof and determine what kind of repair your roofing needs. Below is an exploration of how different roofing materials react when damaged:

Damage to Tile Roofing

Tiled roofs are widely popular owing to their outstanding life span. However, they can develop issues over time, leading to cracks on the tiles. Regardless of how small the cracks might seem, it would be best to have them inspected by an expert before they grow larger and deeper. Unfortunately, these cracks can sometimes be subtle and difficult to spot casually. However, a professional roofer will be able to conduct an expert inspection to find and remedy any cracks on your tile roofing.

Damage to Shingle Roofing

Damaged shingles can compromise your entire roofing system, so you need to deal with any issues as soon as they occur. One of the problems that you may notice is curled-up shingles. Additionally, you may find granule particles in the gutters, signifying that the roof's protective layer is wearing out. If these problems are not addressed right away, they might escalate to a point where you need to replace the entire roof.

Damage to Metal Roofing

Like other materials, metal roofing, though resilient, is capable of deteriorating. For example, it can develop rust over time. You may also see punctured sections in the roof or experience leaks. Like with other materials that we've discussed earlier, it would be best to take action as soon as you notice any damage while the problem is still at its initial stages. A roof repair company will efficiently restore your roof using specialized tools and expertise.

Damage to Wood Roofing

Wood roofs are extremely attractive and are sought after to enhance the home's luxurious appearance. Even though they are tough, extreme weather can cause the wood shakes to split or crack. You may also notice a change of color from red to gray. The water barrier underneath may become exposed in more severe situations, leading to leaks. Yet, it can often take years for the leaks to manifest, which is why inspections are necessary, as they help catch such problems on wood roofs in good time.

If your roof is made of any of the above roofing materials, you now have more information of how each type may wear and tear. This information will help you hire residential roof repair services to perform inspections and avoid worst-case scenarios.