Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Roof Cleaning Services

Residential roofing services can include roof repair, roof installation, roof tear-offs, and roof retrofitting. One of the lesser-known services that roofers offer is roof cleaning. Roof cleaning is an important step in caring for and maintaining your roof, but it is not a service that many people are familiar with. Here are a few frequently asked questions pertaining to a residential roof cleaning service and the answers. 

Do You Really Need Your Roof Cleaned? 

Failing to regularly have your roof cleaned can lead to problems that can shorten its lifespan. As such, cleaning a roof is a must. However, the frequency in which your roof needs to be cleaned can vary. The type of roof you have and the outdoor elements that it is regularly exposed to both play a factor in how often your roof should be cleaned. 

Can All Roof Types Be Cleaned? 

All types of roofing materials can be cleaned. Professional roofers will examine your roof prior to cleaning it. They will determine the approximate age of your roof, the condition of your roof, and the materials that are installed on your roof. Based on their inspection, they will either soft wash or pressure wash your roof. Soft washing is perfect for older roofs or roofs that may not withstand the pressure associated with pressure washing a roof. Pressure washing a roof is a fast way to remove a lot of grime and residue from your roof, making it a great choice for hard roofs in good condition. 

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof? 

The number one benefit associated with having your roof cleaned is that you can remove elements that can damage your roof. Mildew and algae can both grow on a roof, damaging it. Bird feces can be acidic and can damage your roof, so rinsing these droppings off can be beneficial. In addition to this, cleaning your roof helps to remove dirt and dust that may make your roofing material look dirty or faded. This can make your roofing material look cleaner, brighter, and newer, ultimately improving the curb appeal of your home. 

What Are Some of the Signs That it Is Time to Clean Your Roof? 

The number one sign that it is time to clean your roof is seeing algae, moss, or mildew growing on your roof. A roof covered in bird droppings also needs to be cleaned. Finally, if your roof looks faded, dull, or old, having your roof cleaned may revive it. 

If your roof is due to be cleaned, residential roofing services can help you. Reach out to your preferred residential roofing company today to inquire about roof cleaning services and to schedule your appointment.